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HP MediaSmart Server EX490/EX495

$700.00 Released September, 2009

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Includes eSATA port for high speed external drive connectivity - a feature not found on the previous generation. Better OSX compatibility / integration. Comes with a single drive for energy efficiency, larger upgrade path.

The Cons:High price. No GPU acceleration for media transcoding. Takes the fun out of building your own.

The HP MediaSmart Server EX490/EX495 is a the third generation of MediaSmart Servers offered by HP as a replacement to the EX-485 and EX-487. This version has empasized seamless integration of video streaming to PC's and the iPhone and features HP's Video Converter handling drag and drop conversion of video formats.

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Fundamentally it is designed to stream music, photos, and videos to TVs, gaming consoles like Xbox 360 or Playstation3, and computers in your home and convert videos to formats you can use on your various devices. It rusn Windows Home Server which does automatic management of media and data, automatic back-up from multiple computers and allows easy mediea retrieval. It comes with a 2.2 GHz Intel Celeron Processor and 1.0 TB hard drive (EX490) or a 2.5 GHz Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor and 1.5 TB hard drive (EX495) and can easily be expanded with 3 additional drive bays, 4 USB ports and one eSATA port. The HP MediaSmart Server EX490 is available for $549.99 and the HP MediaSmart Server EX495 for $699.99.


  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows Home Server
  • Processor:
    • EX490 - Intel Celeron Processor 2.2 GHZ 64-bit
    • EX495 - Intel Pentium Processor Dual Core 2.5 GHZ 64-bit
  • Memory: 2GB DDR2 DRAM
  • Included drive capacity:
    • EX490 - (1 x 1.0 TB) SATA 7200 RPM
    • EX495 - (1 x 1.5 TB) SATA 7200 RPM
  • Drive bays: 4 drive bays (3 available)
  • Ports: (4) USB 2.0 ports (1) eSATA port
  • Dimensions: 5.5" x 9.8" x 9.2"

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    includes eSATA port for high speed external drive connectivity - a feature not found on the previous generation

  • 3

    better OSX compatibility / integration

  • 2

    comes with a single drive for energy efficiency, larger upgrade path

  • 2

    easy access to hard disk drive bays

  • 2

    full PC - a lot more powerful than a basic NAS

  • 1

    improved HP software - usefulness of applications such as media collector, video converter has been greatly improved

  • 1

    easy to use for both the everyday and power user

  • 1

    bigger differentiation between the basic and enhanced models from the last generation

  • 2

    high price

  • 2

    no GPU acceleration for media transcoding

  • 1

    takes the fun out of building your own

  • 1

    higher cost and energy consumption than a basic NAS

  • 1

    no dust filters

  • 0

    glossy enclosure - fingerprint magnet

  • 0

    hardware upgrades remain minimal

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